Pet Beard Showdown! Here Are 20 of the Funniest Cat and Dog Beards Ever.

Over 3 years ago, Tumblr user Catasters uploaded an image of himself with a cat covering his chin and the cat beards phenomenon took off. Soon afterwards, canine lovers did the same thing and the photos were even more hilarious. We thought we’d highlight some epic beards and mustaches that are purrrfect for the folically challenged.

I can’t decide if a cat beard or dog beard looks better but you’ll probably agree that these 20 “beards” are some of the best on the internet. Hope you enjoy them!

The cat beard photo that started it all in 2011 by Tumbler user Catasters.


Here are 20 of the best dog and cat beards and they’re awesome.

1) Good morning!


2) He needs a shave right meow.


3) Dogbearding done right.


4) Purrrfectly done.


5) Love the tooth to the side in this photo.


6) Magnificent beard.


7) How a beard should look. Flowing and untamed!


8) “Excuse me, my eyes are up here.”


9) “Do I have any spinach between my teeth?”


10) Human…are you taking my picture?


11) A perfectly manicured beard.


12) Where’s my coffee?


13) Rockin’ a goatee.


14) Catbeard with style.


15) That is one epic beard.


16) Hear me roar…meow. Awesome cat beard.


17) Sophistication all the way.


18) Just catbearding.


19) Don’t mess with this dog beard, it’s perfect.


20) Just chillin’.

H/t: Bored Panda and Buzzfeed

These beards are awesome and didn’t take weeks to grow! Please share these hilarious dog and cat beards with your canine and feline loving friends.

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