These Parents Are so Happy They Can’t Stop Crying and It’s All Because of Their Son.

I think it’s a dream for many young adults to eventually do something great for their parents like buying them a car or send them on a trip for everything they’ve done for us. Redditor Sharkbite0592 posted a heartwarming video of a young man who is a successful mobile app developer giving his parents a gift they’ll always remember.

When he hands over a plain white envelope to his mother, she tears up once she reads the letter. His father does the same and they realize they raised an awesome son.

Joe hands over an envelope to his mother and says “I have one more gift for you”.


Once his mother reads the note, she can hardly believe it.


It’s a letter that contains paperwork from the bank indicating the their mortgage is paid off. It also contains the following note from their son.

His parents are so happy, they can’t contain their joy and happiness.


Here is a video of the entire event and hope you have some tissues handy, it’s a heartwarmer.


Raising kids is expensive and this son showed his appreciation in the most epic way possible. Please share this remarkable story of generosity with your friends and family.


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