Mother Brings Home a Pit Bull for Her Son With Autism and Changes His Entire World

Mother Brings Home Xena the Pit bull for Her Autistic Son Jonny.

It’s always heartbreaking to hear of cases where animals are abused and found emaciated but thankfully, many are saved. A 4-month-old Staffordshire terrier mix puppy was found unconscious on the side of a road in Atlanta, Georgia. In fact, she was so weak she couldn’t even stand.

With love and support from a shelter, she made incredible progress and she earned the name ‘Xena the Warrior Puppy.’ The staff changed her world but it wasn’t until she met a young boy with autism, Jonny, that she would return the favor and change his world.

When his mother saw the interaction between her son and Xena, she brought the rescued dog and brought her home. Together, they make a heartwarming team.

Watch this heartwarming video of Xena the pit bull and Jonny,  best friends forever…


His mother didn’t realize the incredible impact of bringing Xena into Jonny’s life but these two are now inseparable. Please share this incredible story of a rescued dog, Xena the pit bull, helping a little boy with autism with your friends and family.

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