Teen Girls Give Their School Janitor a Hard Time. He Teaches Them a Lesson and It Is Brilliant!

Janitor Teaches Student Girls a Brilliant Lesson About Mirror Cleaning.

Do you remember being in junior high or high school? If so, were you a rebel or did you follow the rules?

Some teenage girls thought it would be fun to kiss the mirrors in the school washrooms. But what many of them failed to realize is that lip gloss is extremely difficult to remove from mirrors. They also never gave any thought to the extra time their janitor had to spend every night cleaning them. On most days, he would spend extra time cleaning which meant less time to spend with his family.

When the janitor seeks help from the school principal, her address to the students only made things worse and they kissed the mirrors even more! The janitor decides to take a different route and shows them how he cleans the bathroom mirrors. Let’s just say they’ll think long and hard before ever doing it again!

Watch this funny janitor story where he teaches teenage students a lesson in mirror cleaning…


I honestly can’t think of a better way of getting his point across and he definitely taught these girls a lesson. Please share the hilarious way a janitor gets back at teenage girls who like making a mess with your friends and family.

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