Adorable Orangutan Gets Emotional After Spending Time With an Expecting Mother

Orangutan Sheds Tear After Spending Time With Expecting Mother.

Orangutans share 97% of the same DNA as humans; therefore, it’s no wonder that their behavior is closely related to humans. Orangutans are also great parents and this was observed by a pregnant woman visiting the Colchester Zoo in Essex last January.

A pregnant woman, Kayley Bettany, visited the zoo with her husband Kieran and spotted an orangutan. They couldn’t help notice how a large orangutan showed interest in Kayley’s baby bump. He begins caressing it through the glass and gazes into her belly as he knew she was expecting a special gift. At one point, the orangutan kisses the pregnant woman’s belly and sheds a tear which brought some “awwws” from people nearby.

Watch this orangutan carefully admiring a pregnant woman’s baby bump…


That must have been an incredible experience for this pregnant woman, the orangutan, and everyone in attendance. Just like this gorilla reunion, this video is just another reminder of how awesome every living animal on earth truly is.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Orangutan loves pregnant woman’s baby bump” by Kieran Bettany:

  1. “Isn’t this type of high intelligence a sign that they don’t belong locked up in cages? If they can perceive another species pregnancy, they can perceive captivity.” – TheSimphs
  2. “The glass makes this really sad.” – Antrosa The Ant
  3. “That glass breaks my heart.” – La Bella Damir
  4. “I bet their thinking capabilities are much ‘higher’ than we think.” – Dr Quantum
  5. “Orangutans are sentient beings. It deserves more.” – Dolph C. Volker
  6. “The poor creature is probably triggered by emotional memories of being torn away from his family and home.” – Exile
  7. “Interesting. That orangutan seems to be very intelligent. Wonder if it’s aware of its captivity.” – Jonas Dalbakk
  8. “Incredible, so emotional so deliberate just astonishing. How people can lock up these beautiful sentient beings which are full of compassion and love, that is simply crime. Animals should not be treated as objects on an exhibition to be admired or even feared. Animals should stay in their own kingdom undisturbed by sick and greedy humans.” – Blaster53

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