A Homeless Man Didn’t Want to Leave the Store. This Officer Then Learns the Heartbreaking Truth…

Police officers get a lot of calls but each one needs to be handled differently. Some calls are not what they seem like when a police officer was called to break up a street fight but the police officer started dancing instead!

When officer José Flores of the El Paso Police Department received a call of a homeless man refusing to leave a Lowe’s Home Improvement store, he had a feeling this wouldn’t be an easy task. But when he arrived at the store, he saw a frail homeless man who simply wanted to stay warm. The Lowe’s employees had already begun to raise money for food and shelter so that he would have a hot meal and a warm place to sleep.

Officer Buys Clothing for Homeless Man Warming Up in a Lowe’s Store.

Officer Buys Clothing for Homeless Man Warming Up in a Lowe's Store.
Facebook / Mad World News

H/t: FaithTap

Officer Flores also noticed the homeless man had no shoes and no gloves. On the way to the open shelter, he stopped at a local department store and bought him a new pair of warm socks, winter boots, and gloves. Please share this wonderful story of Lowe’s employees raising money and a police officer going beyond the call of duty to help a homeless man in need with your friends and family.

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