55 Years Ago, His Sergeant Told Him to Buy a Rolex. Its Appraisal Value Today Leaves Him Speechless!

I personally love collecting watches and fine watches like a 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex are an investment if they are kept in pristine condition. Just like a couple that found money during a home renovation, one retired soldier also had treasure but didn’t even realize it.

Appraisal Value of 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex With Box and Papers.

The soldier bought a rare GMT Master Model Rolex watch in Germany before heading back to America. His Sergeant told him he should buy a Rolex and I bet this soldier is glad he did. When he brought it to the Antiques Roadshow, appraiser Peter Planes told him the appraisal value of his watch and it left him speechless!

Watch this amazing appraisal of a 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex watch…


Fifty-five years later, this soldier is so happy that he kept his watch along with the original box, documentation, and receipt.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Appraisal: 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex with Box & Papers” by Antiques Roadshow PBS:

  1. “He spends more than a month’s salary on a gift to his father. Love this Man.” – Average Joe
  2. “He took care of the watch all his life, now the watch going to take care of him.” – asr 01
  3. “Dudes reaction was so pure, Almost made me emotional.” – Zack Johnson
  4. “I can’t even find the owner’s manual to my car that I bought 6 months ago.” – J Trujillo
  5. “Very heartwarming to see seniors like him get a win when it matters most.” – Roddy Dykes
  6. “This man is as cool as they come. Casio on the wrist Gmt in the box.” – Yachtzeee
  7. “Pro Tip: listen to your Sergeant, folks.” – Bill McDonald
  8. “Full credit to that guy’s sergeant as well, his advice was spot on!!!” – DrTenochtitlan
  9. “He’s been walking around with a 70k watch like it’s nothing…” – Macklebro

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