30 Wedding Photobombs Will Have You Screaming ‘I Do!’ with Laughter

Weddings are a magical time and most couples want every picture to be perfect so they can reminisce on their future anniversaries. These wedding photobombs may not be what the bride and groom expected but they are perfect in their own hilarious way.

1) Is that John Tesh working as an Elvis Impersonator?


2) Maybe this guy wanted to be the best man?


3) Love in the air.


4) This tiger didn’t want to miss a thing.


5) They’re all very close.


6) She’s still mad she didn’t get to be the maid of honor.


7) He thought everybody was cheering for him.


8) A visual guide to where babies come from.


9) Sometimes, the boys just need an adjustment


10) Planking is still cool…even at weddings 🙂


11) He’s just really, really happy for the young couple.


12) The Zach Braff wedding photobombs. Booyah!


13) Destination weddings don’t mean you can skip the wedding to paraglide.


14) Help me!


15) The flower girl wanted a better view.


16) This little kid is used to getting all the attention, can you tell?


17) Just dropping by. Adorable.


18) Must be a Baywatch wedding.


19) One word: Creepy.


20) Even the whale is happy for the young couple…


21) …including this meerkat…


22) …and the llama is happy too.


23) I don’t think this spectator is happy and just wants to watch the game.


24) Is this a new internet trend to replace planking? Crouching?


25) This guy wanted to make the picture a little classier.


26) Even total strangers are getting in on this wedding.


27) I think he’s glad they’re finally cutting the cake.


28) I can’t tell who is more excited.

Super excited - 30 Wedding Photobombs Will Have You Screaming ‘I Do!’ with Laughter

Larry Rhodes/RunDisney via ABC


29) The groom is still afraid of the mother-in-law.


30) Where’s Waldo?

H/t: Huffington Post

Even if some of these photos were not intentional and totally spontaneous photobombs, they’ll still make awesome keepsakes.

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