This Appeared to Be a Normal Chameleon Until I Looked a Little Closer. Whoa.

When body painting is done well, you can fool the eye into thinking that what you are seeing is something entirely new like a painting or object. Johannes Stötter is an incredibly talented artist in Italy that brings body painting art to an entirely new level.

At first glance, the image below looks like a photorealistic painting of a chameleon but it is actually two body-painted women! He is a master at transforming already beautiful human bodies into magnificent illusory body art.

Johannes Stötter is a talented body painting artist in Italy and this chameleon is one of his art pieces.


Amazingly, it is actually two women posing together creating an illusion.


The models were body painted and the result is amazing.


Here is the full video:


H/t: DeMilked

I had to watch this over and over because I couldn’t believe it. Simply incredible! For more of his work, please visit Johannes Stötter’s website or Facebook page.

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