This Father of the Bride Didn’t Want to Give a Speech but Did Something Even More Special

Weddings are undeniably poignant, filled with sentiments that sometimes words alone cannot encompass. It’s never easy for a father to give away his daughter in marriage but it must be even more difficult when you express it in a language you’re not familiar with. This father didn’t give a speech but instead learned sign language to express his love for the couple with a beautiful song, “I Loved Her First” by the band Heartland. Imagine the depth of emotion conveyed by this loving father without uttering a single word.

Father of the Bride Expressed His Love by Signing a Lovely Song.

His daughter, Nicole Cortez, is a language interpreter and is not deaf but the couple was brought to tears when her father started signing the song. Her father spent an entire year learning to sign the entire song for their special event and it was the most heartwarming thing ever for the couple. Every gesture and every motion was a testament to his dedication and deep love for his daughter.

The room was awash with emotions. The sight of Nicole and her husband, moved to tears by this unexpected and touching gesture, is a testament to the universal language of love. While sign language may not be the conventional medium for many, in this moment, it transcended barriers and showcased raw emotion in its purest form.

Watch this dad signing “I Loved Her First” to his daughter at her wedding…

It makes a wedding even more special when a parent makes a wonderful gesture like this. It reminds us that love isn’t just expressed through words but can be conveyed through actions, gestures, and the unspoken commitments parents make. Nicole’s wedding wasn’t just a union of two souls but a celebration of a father’s undying love for his daughter.

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