A Single Mom Can’t Afford Diapers. Keep Your Eye on the Woman Behind Her…

Good Samaritan Pays for Young Mother's Groceries at Walmart.

For some families, there may be instances when there’s a lot of month left at the end of the money. Shopping for their for things like diapers, baby food, or surprise expenses can take its toll on their budget.

It can be extremely embarrassing when you find out there isn’t enough money to cover the cash register total when standing at a checkout line. A single mom at a Walmart in South Dakota faced a similar situation but needed four packs of diapers and other supplies for her baby but could only afford one.

The total was $120 but before she could decide what to do, a kind woman walks up next to her and pays for her entire order. She even wrapped her arm around the young mother and gave her a huge hug.

Watch how a small act of kindness goes a long way at Walmart…


A similar act of kindness happened in an episode of ‘What Would You Do?’ where a social experiment was set up to determine if shoppers would help a single mother that couldn’t afford her groceries. Thankfully, many customers were ready to help and it instantly restores your faith in humanity.

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