He Picked Up a Lifeless Hummingbird but Didn’t Give Up Hope. What Happened Next Brought Tears to My Eyes.

Man Picks up a Lifeless Hummingbird and Brings It Back to Life.

When I was young, I recall hearing some noises in our basement in the area where we had a fireplace and asked my dad to take a look. When my dad removed a piece of the chimney duct, a bird dropped out and began walking nervously on the floor so we rushed to the door, opened it, and it quickly flew out. It felt great that day to save this cute bird that probably perched on our chimney cap and lost its balance due to a gust of wind and fell down our chimney.

YouTuber Soundrone experienced that feeling but it was probably much more emotional because he was holding the lifeless body of a hummingbird. The bird was trying desperately to get through a window but it simply exhausted itself and the man gently picked him up. Cupped in the palm of his hand, he brings the bird outside and attempts to make it drink from the feeder. Slowly, the bird begins drinking and what happened next is so incredible it may bring tears to your eyes.


This incident also teaches a great lesson about not giving up on anything. Persistence and a helping hand saved this bird’s life. Please share this incredible video of a man saving a hummingbird with your friends and family.

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