This Father Doesn’t Want to Walk His Daughter down the Aisle and His Reason Will Move You to Tears

Only a couple of days before Christmas, 4-year-old Chloe Williams wasn’t feeling well and her parents brought her to the emergency room. They ran tests and their doctor,┬áDr. Levy, gave them a diagnosis on Christmas Eve that no parent wants to hear. Chloe had a malignant brain tumor.

This Father Doesn't Want to Walk His Daughter down the Aisle.

One wish every father has is to walk their daughters down the aisle on their wedding day and this thought ran through her father’s mind. Her father, Mark Williams would love another person to walk her down the aisle instead and after you see the video, you’ll realize that he made a heartwarming choice.


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Chloe has had 3 surgeries within 6 months after her initial diagnosis but continues to fight to this day. If you would like to donate to help cover medical expenses that are not covered by her insurance, please visit her YouCaring campaign.

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