Daddy Gave His Daughter a Teddy Bear Before He Was Deployed. When She Squeezes Its Hand, THIS Happens!

Brave men and women spend their lives protecting our country. When they get deployed, their children often miss their daddy or mommy while they’re away for months at a time. Before Drew Bert left for deployment for 8 months, he gave his sweet little daughter named Pia a special teddy bear. It was extra special because it had a special surprise when Pia squeezed the teddy bear’s paw.

Daddy Is Deployed and Daughter Receives Teddy Bear With His Recorded Voice.

Her father left a special recording that says, “Hi, P. I love you. I’ll see you soon,” and she can’t contain her excitement when she hears her daddy’s voice and gives her teddy bear a huge hug. Drew is in the Navy and his wife is also pregnant with their second child due in April. When he comes back home, he’ll be coming home to not one but two baby girls!

Watch this little girl’s reaction when she receives a teddy bear with her daddy’s recorded voice…


That has to be one of the sweetest things I have ever seen! Please share this adorable little girl excited to hear her daddy’s voice coming from her teddy bear with your friends and family.

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