Doctors Told Her She Lost Her Baby but When She Did This, a Miracle Happened

Doctors Told Kate Ogg She Lost Her Baby but Love Conquered.

Doctors are incredible people but no amount of training or experience could have prepared them for this. When Kate Ogg and her husband David found out they were going to be parents, they were overjoyed; however, when their doctor gave them the news that they’re expecting twins, they simply couldn’t believe it.

Everything was going great until Kate discovered she was going into labor early at 26 weeks. During the delivery, doctors noticed the vital sign of one of her babies were falling and eventually faded out so they told her she lost one of her babies. She then asked her husband to sleep next to her and help her caress the baby next to their skin and what happened is nothing short of a miracle and demonstrates the power of love.


Kate instinctively knew that warmth and love is what her baby needed and it is such an emotional and inspiring story. Please share this beautiful story of life with your friends and family.

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