Nobody RSVP’d for This Teens Birthday so People of the Internet Decided to Make Things Right

Nobody RSVP'D for Odin's Birthday so the Internet Took Over.

If there was ever one reason to love social media, this amazing story of a teen and his birthday would be it. Odin Camus, a teen from Peterborough, Ontario, was looking forward to his 13th birthday party but his joy turned to sadness when he found out nobody from his school was attending. When his mother, Melissa Camus, found out that none of the guests’ RSVP’d, she posted a message on Facebook asking her friends to send her son a text message to his brand new smartphone.

Melissa Camus celebrates epic birthday for 13-year-old Odin Camus.
PTBO Canada

Thanks to kind souls all over the world, Odin Camus received over 4000 text messages from all over the world and that was just the beginning. According to CHEX Television, within hours, #odinbirthday became the number one trending topic on Twitter and celebrities, politicians and kind-hearted people all over the world wished him a happy birthday. The town of Peterborough held a huge birthday bash for the teen and over 5,000 people RSVP’d for his birthday which made it the best ever for this deserving teen.

Watch the internet rally around to wish 13-year-old Odin Camus the best birthday ever!


I have visited Peterborough many times and it is a town full of great people and the community offered their support in the most beautiful way ever. Way to go Internet and we also want to wish Odin Camus a Happy Belated Birthday! Please share this incredible story of people coming together with your friends and family.

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