A Photographer Took a Video of Her Dogs Until One of Them Did the Sweetest Thing Ever

Border Collies Hugging - Envy and Zain Showing Some Love for the Camera.

Some say that dogs can’t sense emotion but two adorable border collies hugging want to prove these people wrong. Envy and Zain are gorgeous rescue Border Collies and live with their owner Kelly Bove in Pennsylvania.

Envy and Zain are BFFs and they aren’t afraid of showing some affection in front of the camera. Just like this koala hugging his mom, these two aren’t afraid of hugging and want to let the world know that they care for each other!

Watch these Border Collies hugging…

Envy and Zain are adorable in this video and only hope to see more of them in the future. Please share this adorable video of Envy and Zain hugging with your friends and family.

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