A Dog Dressed as a Teddy Bear Walking on a Treadmill Is So Cute It Hurts

A Dog on a Treadmill Dressed as a Teddy Bear Is so Cute.

You may recall an adorable Imperial Shih Tzu named ‘Munchkin’ dressed as a teddy bear that went viral simply because she was so freakin’ cute. Many people begged for more videos on her YouTube channel and her owner has delivered an even more adorable video of her walking on a treadmill.

Watching it will make your day and this is definitely the only fitness video I could watch all day.

Watch Munchkin the dog on a treadmill getting her exercise.


I just may have to recover from smiling so much, that is beyond cute. Please share this adorable video of Munchkin the dog on a treadmill with your friends and family.

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