Bear Chews His Way Into a GoPro Camera in British Columbia

Animals just have a thing for GoPro cameras. Video footage of a grizzly bear eating a GoPro camera is something I never thought I would see. These puppies playing with a GoPro sure loved it; however, I never imagined a family of grizzly bears would also get a kick out of them.

John Kitchin, who was doing Ph.D. work researching the relationship between humans and bears had a special surprise while doing an interview. While conducting an interview with bear biologist Dr. Melanie Clapham, a grizzly bear was peering down at them below the bridge.

Losing interest, she then smelled her way over to Kitchin’s GoPro camera he had set up. She found a new chew toy and an entire family of bears soon came over to take a look. Bears are such gadget heads, they sure love their technology!

Watch this grizzly bear taking a selfie…from a safe distance, of course!


In the video, the large grizzly bear can be seen sniffing around a GoPro camera that’s been left on the ground. The bear then picks up the camera in its mouth and proceeds to chew on it for a few seconds before losing interest and walking away. Thankfully, the footage wasn’t lost, as Kitchin was able to retrieve it and find that it was still working.

Even after being chewed and clawed, Kitchin’s GoPro still managed to capture the video.

Grizzly Bear Eating a Gopro Camera in British Columbia.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bear from that viewpoint, you definitely don’t see that every day! Still awesome to see families of bears enjoying nature as they should. Do you think the grizzly bear enjoyed chewing on the GoPro camera? Have you ever had an encounter with a wild animal? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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