This 2-Year Old Can Jive and Work an Audience. You Have to See Him Dance, Adorable.

When Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe and the dancers of studie43 would practice, I’m sure they didn’t expect that their 2-year-old son would learn from them at such a young age. But in this video, it’s clear that he has! This young boy knows all the right dancing moves to Jailhouse Rock and even throws in a few of his own. It’s so adorable to watch him dance along with the music, and he’s having so much fun.

This 2-Year-Old Boy Dancing Jive Can Certainly Work an Audience!

You can already tell that their young son,¬†William Stokkebroe, already loves to dance and also knows how to work up an audience! When ‘Jailhouse Rock’ started playing, the 2-year-old boy started jiving on the dance floor and it was so cute! He is definitely not shy and this 2-year-old boy dancing¬†the jive is hilarious. He is dancing like it is nobody’s business and the crowd just loves it.

The song Jailhouse Rock was released in 1957 by Elvis Presley. It was one of the first rock and roll songs to be released and it quickly became a popular hit along with the movie featuring the same name. It is still a popular song today, and many people know the dance moves including this adorable 2-year-old!

Watch this 2-year-old boy dancing to Jailhouse Rock


I have NEVER seen a 2-year-old who loves performing as much as he does and this really proves that it’s never too early to learn how to dance. I’m sure his parents are proud of him and his dancing skills, and I’m sure he’ll only continue to get better as he gets older. He’s already a little star in the making!

Did you enjoy watching this 2-year-old boy dance the jive? What other songs do you think he should dance to? Let us know in the comments below! Keep up the good work, William! We can’t wait to see your future videos.

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