These Women Removed Their Makeup and It Made Them Only More Beautiful. No Photoshop Here.

Natural beauty is beautiful and Grammy Award-winning, singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat wanted to show this in her single “Try” from her ‘Gypsy Heart Side A’ CD. She begins her video in full makeup and gets a Photoshop makeover but slowly begins to remove the layers to reveal her natural beauty.

Women Removed Their Makeup and Ditched Photoshop in Colbie Caillat's music video, "Try".

She is not alone and her video also features several other women who do the same. Each woman, adorned in makeup at the start, follows the path of self-discovery, shedding the societal pressures of perfection and gradually revealing their true selves. By the end of the video, they are as beautiful as they were, if not more so.

The underlying message is to empower women to recognize that true beauty stems from within. It emphasizes the idea that when women feel beautiful on the inside, they’ll reflect that inner beauty on the outside as well. The video serves as a poignant reminder that society’s standards of beauty should not define or confine individuals. Instead, embracing one’s unique features and celebrating individuality is what truly makes a person beautiful.

In a world often saturated with airbrushed images and unrealistic standards, Caillat’s “Try” video offers a refreshing and empowering perspective. It encourages women to embrace their natural selves and find strength in their authenticity. By challenging conventional notions of beauty, the video inspires viewers to develop a positive self-image and cultivate a sense of self-worth that extends far beyond external appearance.

Watch this music video by Colbie Caillat entitled ‘Try’…

The impact of Caillat’s video extends beyond the realm of music, serving as a catalyst for important conversations about beauty standards and self-acceptance. It encourages individuals, particularly women, to question and redefine societal norms, paving the way for a more inclusive and empowering definition of beauty.

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