This Glass Bridge in China Is Terrifying. It’s Even More Terrifying When the Glass Starts to Crack!

Glass Skywalk in China Appears To Crack as Tourist Walk Across.

If you’re afraid of heights, a glass skywalk contructed 1,180 meters overlooking a Chinese valley is maybe not for you. China is fascinated with glass bridges and this other glass bridge in China is suspended over 180-metres above ground.

The following video of a tourist guide terrified by the illusion of the bridge’s glass bottom cracking has gone viral. Located in the East Taihang Mountains, in Handan city, the glass skywalk stretches 266 meters in length.

To add some shock factor, a shattering glass special effect is added as tourists walk on a specific section of the glass skywalk. While it’s only a special effect, it would certainly strike fear in anyone walking across the glass skywalk.

Watch these tourists terrified by a new glass skywalk in China that crack under the weight as they walk by…


If I wasn’t made aware that this is only an illusion, I would honestly have a heart attack! Please share this glass skywalk in China that appears to crack as tourists walk across with your friends and family.

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