20 Ways Technology Has Made Our Lives Easier but Not Necessarily Better

I consider myself lucky that I grew up alongside computers and the web but other times I wonder how life would have been without technology. For decades, computer and software companies have promised to make our lives easier and while that’s arguably true, is it truly better?

1) Getting mail has changed but most of us could live without all the spam.

2) Getting punished doesn’t really mean the same as it used to.

3) It’s amazing we still have time to actually “exercise.”

4) Even pets are trading up past favorites in favor of new tech gadgets.

20 Ways Technology Has Changed Our Lives - Even pets are trading up past favorites in favor of new tech gadgets.

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5) Technology is great until it breaks. Then we panic.

6) Do they sell antibacterial wipes for iPads?

7) Today, a Facebook wall filled with wishes from people we never talk to makes it the best birthday ever.

8) TVs are getting thinner but the same can’t be said about everything.

9) Eventually, the technology gadgets we want will be affordable but also obsolete.

10) Going to your parents for advice seems redundant with Google.

11) Communicating with your kids has changed.

12) Friends and family were actually excited to see vacation photos but now…not so much.

13) Today, we want everything “right now,” including video game levels.

14) Talking to people on the phone is so 1998.

15) Playing sports outside now seems so strange.

16) Back in my day, multiplayer meant playing video games together with friends on the couch and we liked it!

17) We now have more than one reason for making sure we wear clean underwear.

18) Technology sometimes has a sense of humor.

19) Now we do ALL these things at once in front of the computer.

20) While you’re at it, I wouldn’t mind a pair of Nike Airs.

It is so weird to think how we could live without technology but in many ways, it moves our society forward even if it doesn’t feel that way at times. ┬áPlease share how our lives have changed because of technology with your friends and family.

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