This Is What Happens When A Squirrel Eats Too Many Rotten Crabapples!

Drunk Squirrel Ate Rotten Crabapples and Stumbles in the Snow.

While hiking or walking in the woods, have you ever seen an animal acting strangely? Chances are it probably ate berries or other fruit that fermented as the weather got cooler, thereby creating alcohol.

This squirrel steals chocolate bars but this squirrel has an affinity for crabapples instead. He ate one too many fermented crabapples and started feeling a little intoxicated. In fact, he was so drunk that he could barely make it through the snow. He stumbles and often falls over that he might remind you how humans behave when they get too intoxicated.

Watch this drunk squirrel that had one too many rotten crabapples…


I can’t imagine what it feels like to try to climb trees while the entire world is spinning around you at a dizzying pace. I think someone needs to call this poor squirrel a cab so he gets home safely!

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