Little Boy Lands the Cutest First Kiss Ever While Shopping With His Dad

Apparently, electronic stores are a great place to meet women. That is certainly what an adorable toddler named Julian must think as he walked around a local Best Buy store with his dad and became smitten with a little girl he just met.

Little Boy Lands the Cutest First Kiss Ever While Shopping With His Dad.

The little girl in question though was actually a photo of a little girl on the box of an HDTV television set but little Julian still wanted to give her a kiss. Thankfully, his adorable actions were captured on video by his dad and it couldn’t be cuter.

Watch little Julian give one of the cutest kisses ever…


He has his first crush and just couldn’t wait to give her a big fat kiss. Way to go Julian!

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from this video, “Kid lands the cutest first kiss ever” by Rumble Viral:

  1. “He is going to be a ladies man.:)” – I Am
  2. “OK, that is the cutest baby I have ever seen… Next to my own of course.” – Tish King-Craig
  3. “Omg that’s too cute 🚼” – Hannah Cooper
  4. “Aww… Bless him.” – Vishal Patel
  5. “Too sweet!” – ET M
  6. “Awe that was so cute!!!” – awesomeperson1
  7. “Would you kiss me also, angel :-D” – memorial113
  8. “Adorable!” – Ashley Carrillo
  9. “I hope he gets love soon.” – Moment Enjoyment
  10. “He’s so cute” – The pony Sisters
  11. “Omg cutnessnoverload.” – Saydee.Lynne Newman
  12. “That was so funny but precious at the same time. For a mother to do that for her son.” – deborah frazier
  13. “He Tries To Kiss So Hard.” – Sir. Egar
  14. “This was the cutest thing ever.” – Zer0_YT Agario
  15. “His face is soooooooo cute!” – •— QUIT I HAVE A NEW CHANNEL —•
  16. “Was this taken place at Best Buy? I think for a 3/10 because of the electronics boxes filled with TV.” – Hy Phuyen
  17. “So funny.” – Nickza Ananda
  18. “Me.” – gabriela cabrera
  19. “So cute.” – Bad Biscuit
  20. “d baby is choo chweet.” – Ilove goodlooming

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