He Places a Few Tomato Slices Over Potting Soil. Amazing…I’m Never Buying Tomatoes Again!

How to Grow Tomato Seedlings from Overripe Tomatoes.

Springtime is usually when avid gardeners begin to get their seedlings ready for planting once the weather warms up. If you love fresh tomatoes but thought they would be too much work to grow, take a look at this amazing technique by The Wannabe Homesteader. Also, if you think it takes up a lot of space to grow a garden, this man transformed his front lawn into a beautiful garden.

We all end up with overripe tomatoes at one time or another; however, instead of throwing them away, he sliced them into thick slices and placed them in a pot with potting soil. Then, he covered them with a light layer of potting soil. Days later he had enough seedlings for an entire garden!

Learn the easiest way to grow tomato seedlings…


Nothing beats the taste of freshly-picked fruits and vegetables. As an added bonus, it’s a rewarding experience to be able to say, “I grew that!” Please share this incredible technique for creating tomato seedlings from overripe tomatoes with your friends and family.

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