13 Quick and Easy Ways to Save a Chipped Manicure

It happens to all of us. You get your nails looking perfect and you accidentally chip your nail polish or you’re a nail-biter and keeping your manicure intact is always a challenge.

The good news is that most nail art imperfections can be easily fixed with some clever fixes. Here are 13 quick and easy fixes for chipped nails that will have your nails looking great again!

1) The simplest method is to simply touch it up with the same polish.

2) Revive your manicure with an animal print to cover up those chips.

3) Hide a chipped manicure with glitter!

4) It even works with grown out manicures too. Glitter lasts forever!

5) Glitter polishes also hide grown out gel manicures.

6) Cover up chips with a mosaic look.

13 Quick and Easy Ways to Save a Chipped Manicure - Cover up chips with a mosaic look.

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7) Repair a chipped gel manicure easily.

Follow these steps to repair a chipped gel nail.

8) Hide a chipped manicure with a texture coat.

This only takes a minute and the effect looks like a brand new manicure.

9) DIY chip-like nails easily cover chips.

Use one or several shades to create chip-like nails. Here is how.

10) A splattered effect will easily hide any chipped manicure.

Hide chips with a splatter nail art technique. Here is how.

11) Add striping tape and a new polish to freshen an old manicure.

Learn how to freshen up an old manicure with this striping tape tutorial.

12) Use a reinforcement sticker as a mask to create half-moons.

Follow the step-by-step tutorial for creating this easy nail art.

13) Cover up chips at the end of your nail with a French mani. Choose a color that stands out!

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Why start a manicure when a simple chip can be fixed so easily? If you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out these stunning matte nails that are anything but flat.

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