Twin Newborns Are So Relaxed They Don’t Realize They’ve Been Born Yet

Twin Newborns Remain Calm During their Thalasso Baby Bath.

Newborns are incredibly precious and giving them their first bath takes care and attention. Sonia Rochel, a newborn nurse in Paris has invented a bathing technique that is so calming that newborn babies sometimes feel they are still in their mother’s womb.

The bathing technique is called the Thalasso baby bath method and it should only be performed by a professional. Sonia has spent her entire life working with newborns and her bathing technique is simply amazing.

Watch newborn twins enjoying a Thalasso baby bath…


Some people have expressed concern that the babies are sometimes almost completely submerged in water. This is one of the reasons why it takes someone highly skilled with this bathing method and do not try this at home.

Please share the Thalasso baby bath method created by Sonia Rochel with your friends and family.

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