One Man Transformed His Bathroom Floor to Look Like a Sky Full of Stars

One type of light source you generally wouldn’t associate with a bathroom is fiber optics; however, a creative user on Instructables named Baldr created an incredible lighted floor in his washroom that resembles a starry night sky.

This not only looks great but is practical if nature calls in the middle of night and you don’t want a flash of blinding light when you enter the washroom. The best part is that Baldr has provided step-by-step instructions to create this for your washroom and you also get bragging rights when finished because it’s not a simple DIY project but it’s worth the effort.

Each point of light is the end of a fiber optic strand so you can have as little or as many “stars” as you want to create


You need a strand of fiber for every light


Unlike traditional tiling which you start in the center of the room, you need to start tiling from where your light source will be plugged in


There will be bundles of fiber optic cable coming from the light source so this is where you should start


Now is time for the grout but special care needs to be taken to not apply grout over the fiber optic ends and block the lighting


The fiber optic lighting is “on” all the time but hardly noticeable when brightly lit


When lights are turned off, the starry night appears


Baldr has also created a coffee table with actual star constellations


The fiber optic lighting behind the stairs looks equally cool

H/t: Demilked

This project is definitely unique and sure that it would get a lot of compliments from guests. Please share this “starry night” bathroom floor with your friends and family.

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