People Were Asked to Remove a Peanut from a Tube and It Doesn’t Look Promising

People Were Asked to Remove a Peanut from a Tube.

Problem solving is a skill that is acquired by continually challenging our mind but what is better, wisdom or knowledge? That debate was the focus of an experiment where participants were asked to remove a peanut from a tube.

It was organized by Belgian radio station Radio 1 and the experiment was used in a commercial that encouraged a debate of the effectiveness of the curriculum of the Belgian education system. But this is a debate for any educational system about whether enough problem solving exercises are taught.

But the real question is, will you be able to solve the problem and get the peanut out of the tube?


You have to hand it to chimps, living in the wild requires sharp problem solving skills. Here is the full video of the chimp removing the peanut from the tube.


There are some that argue if the bottle of water was on the same table everyone would have solved it. But, being aware of all the available “tools” around you is what problem solving is all about. Please share this interesting experiment with your friends and family and see if they figure it out.

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