This Infamous Pit Bull and Dachshund Mix Puppy Has Thousands of Adoption Applicants

The reason why there are so many different breeds of adorable dogs today is because of the mixed breeding in the wild that occurred over thousands and thousand of years. This Pit Bull and Dachshund mix is incredibly unique and has been somewhat of a celebrity at the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society in Georgia.

We didn’t cut and paste in Photoshop, these are real images of Rami, the Dachshund / Pit bull mix wonder dog! The Humane Society has received thousands of adoption applications and choosing a family for his forever home will be a difficult choice with so many applications.

Rami was actually spotted running through a someone’s yard. The Humane Society chuckled when they received a call about a “Pit Bull with short legs.”


Rami is a one-year-old mixed breed that is described as “half pit bull, half dachshund, and all speed.”


The Humane Society has received thousands of applications and will go through a rigorous interview process to choose the best forever home for Rami.


He is so adorable that the Humane Society created his own Facebook page.

There has been several fake pages created but he has an official Facebook page that was created by the Humane Society.

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