What You Are Seeing Is Not an Avalanche but It Is Just as Spectacular

Train Barrels through a Mountain of Snow in New Brunswick.

The province of New Brunswick in Canada has been hit hard in 2015 with over 80 inches of snow falling since January. Even with all this snow, trains still need to get to their destinations. When they travel through mountains of snow, the effect can be incredibly dramatic.

A Canadian National Railway locomotive was traveling through huge snow drifts and it was caught on video by YouTuber containerman2. You’ll never imagine the true power of a train until you see this video of it plowing through a gigantic mountain of snow and it just pushes it out of the way with ease.

Watch this CN train dashing through the snow at a Salisbury, New Brunswick crossing…


These train conductors probably see this on a daily basis but it sure is a spectacular sight. Please share this dramatic video of a train barreling through the snow with your family and friends.

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