A Little Girl Wishes Her Dog Was Real for Christmas. Watch What Her Parents Get Her…

Little Girl Gets a New Puppy for Christmas.

Christmas is a magical time and it is so heartwarming when children experience the wonder of Christmas. When a child gets a puppy for Christmas it can be especially beautiful and magical. Even more so if it is a gift they’ve probably wanted so much but never believe they’d ever receive. If you can’t decide on a breed, choosing from these 7 most gorgeous pug mixes would be perfect.

When Daisy’s parents asked her what she wanted most for Christmas, she responds with, “I wish Noodle was a real puppy’ while tightly hugging her stuffed dog. When her dad asks her to shut her eyes, her mom helps to fulfill her wish. It is such a beautiful moment and Daisy is so happy with her new gift of joy.

Watch as a little girl named Daisy experiences a new puppy for Christmas magic…


This is one Christmas Daisy will never forget and she couldn’t have received a cuter dog. Please share this heartwarming moment when a girl experiences the wonder of Christmas by receiving her wish for a new puppy with your friends and family.

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