4 People Line up With Walkers to Dance for Stroke Awareness but One Man Steals the Show!

It is so important to live each day to the fullest as you never know when a stroke or heart attack could turn your entire world upside down. It’s important to keep a positive perspective and stay motivated and that is exactly what John Woloski did.

John Woloski Dances for Stroke Awareness With His Therapists.

John Woloski was working as a school principal of Solomon/Plains Junior High School and he loved his job. At the age of 55, John suffered a massive stroke and after treatment, he was referred to the Allied Services Heinz Rehabilitation Hospital’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit.

During his stay, he made incredible progress and was able to regain his balance and mobility. Because he loved music and also taught music education, he wanted to perform a special dance choreographed to Meghan Trainor’s hit ‘All About That Bass’ with his therapists and he ends up stealing the show!

Watch John Woloski and therapists perform a dance for stroke awareness…


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “John Woloski and Therapists Dance for Stroke Awareness” by AlliedServicesIHS:

  1. “A perfect example of experiencing JOY! Can only imagine him at a party!! LOL” – Theresa Gendron
  2. “I’ve met this man, he’s one of the nicest guys in the world.” – Corky C
  3. “Good on him! He’s an inspiration 🤠👍” – Deep River
  4. “Fabulous!! Way to motivate and lift spirits gang!” – Leann Crockett
  5. “Really happy for this man.” – Kate G
  6. “This definitely made for a fabulous Friday afternoon. A beautiful success story, and SO much fun! Go John and the staff at +AlliedServicesIHS!” – ComforTek Seating
  7. “He reminds me of my grandad. Luv this. Something my grandad would have done.” – char russ

After an intensive 9-week rehab program, John has transitioned to home care and his smile says it all. Please share this heartwarming dance performance by John Woloski with your friends and family.

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