13-Year-Old Says That He Wants to Run Away From Home. He Then Tells the Cop to Look Inside His Room…

Cop Goes Beyond the Call of Duty and Gives Furniture to Family in Need.

Police officers get dispatched to calls every single day. They encounter a variety of situations they must handle safely and carefully. When Officer Gaetano Acerra of the Sumter Police Department in South Carolina responded to a distress call from a 13-year-old boy, Cameron Simmons, he found out the boy wanted to leave home.

The boy was upset after an argument with his mom and didn’t want to live there anymore. When the officer sat down with him, he told the officer that his family moved from Texas to South Carolina so that his mom could care for a sick relative.

He then proceeded to give the officer a tour of his house and showed him his room. The officer was shocked to find out that his room was totally empty and that the boy had to sleep on the floor every night. The officer knew he had to do something to help this family out. What he did will warm your heart.

Watch how this police officer, Gaetano Acerra, goes beyond the call of duty…


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from this video, “You gotta see this: Police officer goes beyond duty” by HLN:

  1. “People like him should be on cover magazines and named people of the year…not the Kardashians or whoever else. Salute <3” – Olivia Pringle
  2. “That cop for president like if you agree.” – Joshingubro Yt
  3. “Faith in humanity = restored.” – Bruno Capitao
  4. “This guy deserves a reward. He put a smile on another’s face, I wish everybody could do that.” – Sunmay

He must have been so happy when Officer Gaetano Acerra gave him a brand new bed, desk, chair, television, and a Wii game system. Please share this inspiring story of a police officer helping a boy in need with your friends and family.

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