These Singers Perform ‘Hotel California’ and You Won’t Miss the Instruments

"Hotel California" Cover Sung A Capella by Cubanos Acapella.

The Eagle’s timeless ‘Hotel California’ is probably one of the most popular covered songs next to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ which was recently covered by Heart. You have probably already heard an excellent instrumental version by Gabriella Quevedo; however, this A cappella version by Cubanos Acapella is just as impressive because it uses no instruments.

When you hear them sing this cover, you would swear there was a band playing in the background. Considering that there are no instruments, the guitar solos are nothing short of amazing. Watch this incredible performance of ‘Hotel California’ by these talented six vocalists.

Watch Cubanos Acapella perform ‘Hotel California’ a cappella…

There are so many great A cappella groups and Cuban Acapella is definitely one to watch out for since they sound great. Please share this A cappella performance of ‘Hotel California’ performed by Cubanos Acapella with your friends and family.

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