A Ventriloquist Decides to Walk Off Stage. Then, His Puppet Does THIS on Its Own, OMG!

America's Got Talent 2015 Winner Paul Zerdin Quarter Finals Performance

There have been many talented ventriloquists over the years and many performances are jaw-dropping. The last act that made my jaw drop was the talking dog on Britain’s Got Talent. This time, America’s Got Talent 2015 Winner, Paul Zerdin, walks on stage with his puppet named Sam. The ventriloquist begins the performance but seems to have a disagreement with Sam about something.

To prove that his puppet Sam is nothing without Paul Zerdin by his side, he walks off and leaves the puppet on stage by itself. Sam the puppet then does something that the judges and everyone in the audience would never expect a puppet to do!

Watch America’s Got Talent 2015 Winner Paul Zerdin’s Ventriloquist performance…


His act impressed the judges and guest judge Marlon Wayans liked his act so much that he pressed the Golden Buzzer which sent Zerdin to the next round! Please share America’s Got Talent 2015 Winner Paul Zerdin’s ventriloquist performance with your friends and family.

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