Aladdin Meets Parkour in This Amazing Short Film by Devinsupertramp

Aladdin Meets Parkour in This Short Film by Devinsupertramp.

Aladdin, Disney’s magical 1992 American animated musical fantasy film is a classic. It has entertained children and adults for decades and Robin Williams‘ performance as Genie is brilliant. It was recently rebooted with a live-action version in 2019 with Will Smith taking on the part of Genie. Well, you can add another amazing take on the story of Aladdin with this short film by filmmaker Devin Graham A.K.A Devinsupertramp.

Disney’s Aladdin films have all had amazing chase scenes but this version by Devinsupertramp kicks it up a notch with parkour. Watching Aladdin played by Calen Chan parkouring through Bukhara and Khiva, historic cities in the country of Uzbekistan is mesmerizing. He ducks, dives, and dodges villains while freerunning with precision and style and the aerial shots are simply beautiful. It’s a joy to watch and please make sure to watch it from beginning to end because you’ll love to see who saves the day in the end!

Watch Aladdin meets parkour in this amazing short film by Devinsupertramp…

YouTube (Aladdin Meets Parkour in Real Life – Uzbekistan – Devinsupertramp)

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from this “Aladdin Meets Parkour in Real Life” video by Devinsupertramp:

  1. “Can’t believe they chased me for that long. 😉 Uzbekistan was absolutely amazing, whoever is reading this comment better consider making a trip there sometime in your life, the culture and architecture are breathtaking! Huge thanks to them and Devin for this opportunity! :)” – Calen Chan
  2. “Actually this is better than the Disney version.” – Lorenzo Latini
  3. “The good old Supertramp is back, ladies and gentlemen.” – Skyler Li
  4. “I was born in Uzbekistan. This video was filmed on the streets where I grew up. It’s really exciting. Thank you guys so much. ????” – Alisher Yoriev
  5. “What Aladdin 2019 should’ve been.” – Anthony Lezama

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