Watch Pentatonix Perform an Epic A Cappella Mashup of Michael Jackson’s Biggest Hits

Pentatonix Perform an A Cappella Mashup of Michael Jackson Hits. This Michael Jackson evolution mashup is perfect.

Pentatonix is an incredible A Cappella group that performs modern and holiday classics such as ‘Mary, Did You Know?‘ but their recent song is unbelievable. They have traced the evolution of Michael Jackson with an awesome mashup of 20 of his most incredible songs.

From his humble beginnings with The Jackson 5 and their 1969 hit ‘I Want You Back’ to the beautiful ballad of ‘You Are Not Alone’ from his 1995 album, ‘HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book 1‘. Pentatonix performs each classic a cappella and creates one of the best tributes to Michael Jackson.

Watch this awesome Michael Jackson Evolution mashup by Pentatonix…


Pentatonix is an incredible a cappella group and if you want to enjoy more of their hits, visit their YouTube channel or purchase ‘A Pentatonix Christmas’ on Amazon. Please share this incredible a cappella performance of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits with your friends and family.

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