A Homeless Addict Asked for Money and the Response Even Surprised Him

Social Experiment: Homeless Addict VS Homeless Father.

It’s a sad fact that some people don’t give any money to the homeless because they automatically assume that they will purchase drugs or alcohol but this homeless person proved everybody wrong. YouTube prankster Coby Persin has already shown us that appearances seems to matter when deciding to help someone but this time, he setup a social experiment and results shocked me.

He created two scenarios, one where he pretended to be a homeless drug addict and asked for money to purchase drugs and alcohol and in the other, he pretended to be a homeless single father and asked for money to support him and his daughter. You may think the latter scenario would elicit more of a social response but you might be surprised by the outcome.


Again, it is amazing that people who have nearly nothing to give are the ones who want to help the most. Please share this social experiment with your friends and family.

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