Comedian Tim Hawkins Explains Hand Raising and His Description Is Simply the Best

Comedian Tim Hawkins Explains Hand Raising and the Audience Can't Stop Laughing.

If you attend church regularly or only on religious holidays, you may have noticed that┬ásome people are more expressive than others when they worship. Some people are self-conscious when it comes to raising their hands while they pray but others don’t think twice about it and there is nothing wrong either way.

Comedian Tim Hawkins shares his views regarding hand raising and even gave names to┬ásome hand raising gestures. His description of them will leave you laughing out loud and the last hand raising gesture he calls the “Village People-Rocky-Touchdown” is too funny and is a must-see.


Tim Hawkins comedic act is all in good fun and if you want to view more of Hawkins comedy routines, please visit his YouTube page. Please share this humorous look at hand raising by Tim Hawkins with your friends and family.

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