When a Homeless Man Falls down, You’ll Be Surprised by What Happens Next.

If you live in a city, you most likely see the effects of homelessness and the toll it takes on so many people that don’t deserve the hardship they face. But if someone needed our help, would the way they physically look change how we would react to the situation.

YouTube prankster Coby Persin of ModelPranksterTV performed an important social experiment to determine how people would react if someone fell when walking with crutches. For the first experiment, Persin was on crutches wearing a business suit and when he appeared to fall, several people came to his aid.

For the second experiment, his associate Danny Barbosa portrayed someone who is homeless and the results were shocking.


It is so sad that the only person who helped Barbosa is an actual homeless person and nobody else. Everybody should help someone regardless of how they appear and hope that videos like these bring more awareness to this issue.

Not everyone treats homeless people with disrespect. Here is an uplifting story of a man who used his $100 Olive Garden Pasta Pass to feed the homeless in his city.

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