This Artist Makes You Wonder What Is Real and What Is Not

Art is the expression of imagination and creativity. Art is taught in colleges and universities but only the most naturally talented individuals will ever be successful.

Erik Johansson doesn’t have formal training in photography or even Photoshop. He taught himself and quickly excelled and mastered photo retouching. He creates surreal artistic pieces that astound and stretches your brain as it tries to comprehend these impossible images.

Johansson creates his illusions by first planning what the end result should look like. He uses a high number of photos and creates layers in Photoshop while retouching every aspect of it until he’s happy with the resulting piece.

1) Snow cover

2) Face vs. Fist

3) Big laundry day

4) Work at sea

5) Fishy island

6) Roadworker’s coffee break

7) Arms break, vases don’t

8) Cut & Fold

9) Go your own road

10) Set them free

11) Electric guitar

12) A painting too real

13) Melting point

14) Iron man

15) Vertical turn

16) Don’t look back

This is only a small sample of his work but you can view much more of Johansson’s art on his website. Please share fascinating surrealism art by Erik Johansson with your friends and family.

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