Canadian Police Officer Gets Called to the Scene of a Fight. I Can’t Believe He Did THAT! LOL!

Police officers get called to handle a variety of situations and their intensive training makes them ready for nearly anything. But here is one situation that many police officers wouldn’t have handled as smoothly as Durham Regional Police Services Constable Jarrod Singh.

Ontario Police Officer Has Epic Dance-Off with Dance Troupe.

When Constable Jarrod Singh was dispatched to a street fight, it turned out to be members of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s dance team recording a dance music video for the North American Culture Show’s competition. Since everything was in order, officer Singh decided to join in on the fun and had an epic dance-off with one of the dancers.

Watch this Ontario police officer in an epic impromptu dance-off…

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Officer Jarrod Singh was humbled by all the positive reactions…

H/t: CBC

Police officers are people too and they put their lives on the line for all of us every single day. They deserve to be treated with respect. Please share this epic dance-off between a dancer and a police officer with your friends and family.

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