Patrick Swayze and His Wife Dance on Stage Together for the First Time and It’s Timeless

Patrick Swayze dancing with His Wife on Stage Together.

Growing up in the 80’s, I have fond memories of Patrick Swayze from movies like Dirty Dancing, The Outsiders, and Ghost just to name a few. He and his wife Lisa grew up dancing together. They were both classically trained in ballet and other forms of modern dance.

At a tribute to Whitney Houston in 1994, the couple danced on International television for the first time. Patrick Swayze dancing with his wife was such a beautiful moment that it brought the audience to tears. The couple originally met at dance class where Patrick’s mother would teach. The couple was married from 1975 until his unfortunate passing in 2009.

Watch Patrick Swayze dancing with his wife at the World Music Awards…


Like so many other talented people, he and Whitney Houston were taken away from us too early and had so much more to give to their fans and the world. This performance also reminded me of this couple dirty dancing at their wedding!

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