Shane Is a Walmart Employee and What He Does at Work Will Have You Laughing

It’s a proven fact that a happy employee is a productive employee and Shane may be funniest and happiest Walmart employee ever! Redditor Ardentleprechaun who works with Shane posted some images of his whiteboard writings from management.

Shane works at the deli counter at his local Walmart and writes down funny warnings from management in his spare time. I only hope his managers have a sense of humor as well but I’m sure they do!

1) Shane the Walmart Deli Employee…

“Shane, quit offering extended warranties on the fried chicken – Management.”


“Shane, stop implying Walmart keeps the “good stuff” in the back – Management.”


“Shane, stop putting out samples labeled as “mystery meats” – Management.”


“Shane, any free samples you offer must come from the deli department, not electronics! – Management.”


“Shane, stop putting on multiple nametags and pretending to have a personality disorder – Management.”


“Shane, quit putting price tags on the deli equipment and trying to sell them to customers – Management.”


“Shane, stop putting “Stoner Approved” seals on the fried chicken – Management.”


“Shane, stop asking “Is that your final answer?” and offering to let them phone a friend after each order – Management.”


“Shane, I don’t know what “Swinecraft” is but ham cannot be sold as a building material – Management.”


“Shane, stop putting “Some assembly required” stickers on the 8 piece chickens – Management.”


“Shane, when a customer asks where to find a product, give them an aisle number, not directions to Albertsons – Management.”

H/t: Cheezburger

It is so refreshing to see someone who takes his job seriously but still takes time on his breaks to have a bit of fun with coworkers. Please share these “Shanisms” with your friends and family.

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