This Young Mother Is an Inspiration to Every Young Woman and Proves That Having Confidence in Yourself Is Everything

Pole Dancer Leaves the Judges and Audience Speechless.

Some people make assumptions based on appearance but regardless of whether someone is skinny or overweight, it shouldn’t matter. Everyone is special and Emma Haslam wanted to demonstrate to everyone at ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ that having confidence in yourself is everything.

At 210 pounds, the judges were initially skeptical when Haslam said she was going to perform a pole dancing routine. What she did next not only impressed the judges but the entire audience was inspired and cheering her every move.

Watch Emma Haslam perform a pole dancing masterclass at Britain’s Got Talent 2014 auditions…


Young girls are exposed to so many negative images of sickly-looking skinny models in magazines that it is inspiring to see inspiring people like Emma Haslam. Every young girl should be happy with themselves when they look in the mirror. Just like this bullied young girl that created a Post-It day at her school, Emma Haslam proves that having confidence in yourself is everything.

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