6 Men Start Singing in an Empty Church. Their Vocals Will Leave You Breathless.

Peter Hollens and Home Free Perform 'Amazing Grace'.

A timeless classic, ‘Amazing Grace’ is one of the most beloved Christian hymns of all time. First published in 1779, it has stood the test of time. This classic has been covered by countless artists including this instrumental mashup which includes ‘Fight Song’.

Peter Hollens has teamed up with Home Free to sing an a cappella version of ‘Amazing Grace’ that is simply amazing. The song was recorded in a church and the acoustics add beautiful nuances to the recording. I love singing this song at Christmas mass and you’ll love singing along with these amazing vocalists.

Watch Peter Hollens and Home Free perform ‘Amazing Grace’…


This is definitely a dream team and being a fan of Peter Hollens and Home Free, I hope to see more collaborations from them in the future. Please share this beautiful rendition of a Christmas classic by Peter Hollens and Home Free with your friends and family.

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