18 DIY Winter Clothes and Accessories You Are Going to Love!

When it’s freezing cold outside, winter is the perfect time to stay inside and relax with a good book or making DIY projects. There are tons of winter fashion items you can make and most of them require supplies you probably already have.

It’s also a great way to repurpose winter clothing into something new and fashionable to wear this winter. Here are 18 DIY winter clothes projects you are going to love creating!

1) Create a cozy pom-pom sweater.

3D embellishments are a huge fashion trend and this pom-pom sweater looks especially fun and cute. Get the tutorial.


2) Keep your tootsies warm with these DIY love your soles socks.

These heart socks are not only warm but incredibly cute as well! Get the tutorial.


3) Embellish your knit winter hat!

The sky is the limit when it comes to embellishing knitted winter hats and tuques and this project looks fun. Get the tutorial.


4) Add a pretty gold ribbon tied in a bow to an open back sweater.

Add some elegance to any open back sweater and look great during the holidays. Get the tutorial.


5) Add some bling to your beanie.

This bejeweled beanie was made from a broken piece of jewelry and now it looks great! Get the tutorial.


6) Upcycle an old sweater into warm DIY slippers.

Transform that sweater into cozy warm slippers with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Get the tutorial.


7) Transform that stylish sweater into a seasonal staple with bejeweled brilliance!

Look great at Christmas parties while feeling cozy and warm. Get the tutorial.


8) Create sweater boots from a pair of flats and an old sweater!

Create one-of-a-kind sweater boots from an old sweater and some flat shoes with the help of your glue gun. Get the tutorial.


9) Knit a super cozy chunky knit hat.

You don’t have to be an expert knitter because this is so simple to create along with step-by-step instructions. Get the tutorial. If you want to feel extra warm this winter, don’t forget to knit or purchase this giganto knit blanket too!


10) Keep your feet warm with DIY house slippers.

You won’t need to sew these slippers together because all you need is your trusty glue gun. Get the tutorial.


11) Make a pom-pom infinity scarf.

Make a playful and colorful infinity scarf with yards of pom-poms. Get the tutorial.


12) Add some style and warmth to your boots with DIY boot socks!

Use the sleeves of an old sweater and wear them as leg warmers before you slip on your boots for an entire new style! Get the tutorial.


13) Give some festive flair to a sweatshirt with lace and studs.

This looks cute and festive and all you need is to sew some lace and finish it off by attaching gold or silver studs. Get the tutorial.


14) Add some jeweled bling to your black leather gloves.

Black leather gloves look great but make them look even better with a great selection of jewels. Get the tutorial.


15) Make a DIY simple pleated skirt that looks great.

The pleated skirt is a classic look and this DIY version is incredibly easy to make. Get the tutorial.


16) Restyle of an old pair of gloves into sweet and cozy DIY pearl gloves.

All you need is a pair of gloves, some pearl beads, and some thread to create this must have winter accessory. Get the tutorial.


17) Keep your ears warm and stylish with DIY faux fur ear muffs.

Warm and fuzzy DIY ear muffs that look great and will keep your ears warm when walking out in the frigid winter cold. Get the tutorial.


18) If ear muffs aren’t your thing, make this DIY faux fur trapper hat.

The only thing better than a trapper hat is a trapper hat you created yourself with an easy to follow pattern. Get the tutorial and pattern.

Nothing beats the winter blues like spending time creating something new to wear this winter. Please share these epic DIY winter clothes and accessories projects with your friends and family.

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