25 Things You Can’t Unsee Even If You Wanted To

Every day, we encounter logos, images, signs, and many other things that if we stopped and looked a little closer, we might find it reminds us of something else or we may see something new entirely. Sometimes, what we see can be so strange that we wish we could wipe it from our memory and forget what we saw in the first place.

These 25 things are somewhat like that and if you see them, they can’t be unseen. My personal favorite is logos because many have hidden gems such as a bear climbing a mountain?!

1) The new speeder in Star Wars looks like an oversized Fudgesicle.

2) A moth orchid that looks like a flying bird.

3) A bodybuilder does appear like a skinny man popping out the top of a bulky man.

4) Someone pointed out her dog’s forehead has the Batman symbol on it.

5) Little cat paws look like teddy bears.

6) A white bird orchid.

7) MLB logo looks like a bird after some quick pen work.

8) Awww, cute little golden puppy.

9) A sliced apple looks like an owl.

10) Now I’ll be sad every time I see a trash can…

11) The digits “52” somewhat look like E.T. ‘s head.

12) This is not how we make maple syrup where I come from! LOL.

13) Drinking fountains have Wi-Fi apparently.

14) Some clothes hooks look like a drunk octopus.

25 Things That Can't Be Unseen - Some clothes hooks look like a drunk octopus.

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15) ¬†Wendy’s collar spells out “Mom” in the classic Wendy’s logo.

16) That clenched fist looks like a sloth.

17) CBS logo looks like Pac-Man.

18) And so does LG’s logo after a quick modification.

19) If only Kit Kat candy bars were really this big!

20) The continent of dinosaurs?

21) Colonel Sander’s looks like he has tiny arms and legs.

22) The front legs of an anteater looks like a panda.

23) There is a bear climbing a mountain in the Toblerone logo.

24) Australia looks like the side view of a dog and cat.

25) The USB logo looks like a walking stickman.

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